Laguna NiguelPool Services

Pool Cleaning

We all want to have swimming pools. But most of us hate the cleaning part. Not that we’re lazy, but cleaning swimming pools is really hard. You need to properly inspect the structure if they are still intact, you need to refill it with new pool water from time to time, and you need to check the chlorine levels if they are perfectly balanced with the amount of pool water you’ve placed. It is a tedious task that even requires professional knowledge about the subtle science of pool cleaning. Despite of that, you don’t really need to worry, because Coastal Pool and Spa Service is right around the corner to help you out.

Laguna Niguel Pool and Spa Cleaning Services

Coastal Pool and Spa Service is a pool and spa-cleaning company that operates around Laguna Niguel and its neighboring areas. We are committed to make sure that your pool is perfectly clean and safe for everyone to use. Rest assured that our IICRC-certified technicians will always do the best they can to make sure that you will only enjoy your pool.

Residential Pool Cleaning Services

Coastal Pool and Spa Service provides residential pool and spa-cleaning service. We aim to make homeowners comfortable in living the pool life, by not having them burdened with the responsibility to clean their pools. This is very convenient, as we will do the cleaning ourselves and make sure that your swimming pool is sanitized for you to enjoy—without health risks.

Pool Repair and Maintenance

We understand that all things will wear down, even your swimming pool. That is why we, from the Coastal Pool and Spa Service, are offering pool and spa maintenance services, in order to slow the wear-and-tear of your swimming pool. Our technicians are acquainted with various techniques and technologies that will surely help maintain your pool’s best form. To have an idea of what we can do for your pool, here are some of the procedures that our technicians will perform:

  • Respectfully arrive each week on the preferred service days within the hour of your choice
  • Brush/clean tile around perimeter of pool/spa
  • Net out all debris
  • Vacuum debris
  • Brush walls and floor of pool/spa
  • Check and balance all chemical levels
  • Add appropriate chemicals to maintain a healthy bacteria free swimming environment
  • Empty pump and skimmer basket of debris and dispose accordingly
  • Check that all pool/spa equipment is working properly

Commercial Pool Services

Coastal Pool Cleaning Service understands that businesses need someone who they can rely on, when it comes to maintaining their pool. This is why we are also offering our services to commercial establishments, to make sure that they are getting the best pool cleaning service. Getting your pools clean is not enough for us, we will also do everything in our power to ensure that your commercial pools are clean for your customers. We have worked with several industries, here are some of the commercial industries that we have worked with:

  • apartments
  • healthcare facilities
  • recreation centers
  • public swimming pools
  • subdivisions
  • hotels
  • condominiums

Just call us at 949-606-3224, and see the difference for yourself! With Coastal Pool and Spa Service, you can kiss your swimming pool and spa woes goodbye! Hurry, call us now and get your pool cleaned!