Irvine Pool Services

Pool Cleaning

Swimming pools are awesome. It gives us the feeling of being one with the sea, while you are not even close to the shore. But cleaning it is not really that good at all. You need to check the structure for damages, you need to add the right amount of chlorine, and you need to take out all the dirt that gets drifted on its surface with a net. Doing all the cleaning by yourself will be stressful, and you will think that it will be better to go to public pools instead. Well, don’t drain your pool yet! Coastal Pool and Spa Services is here to help you out!

Irvine Pool and Spa Cleaning Services

Coastal Pool and Spa Services is a swimming pool cleaning company that operated around the city of Irvine and its neighboring areas. As long as you are in our area of responsibility, you can be sure that we will come to your aid the soonest. Our technicians are all IICRC certified, and they can clean any swimming pool without trouble.

Residential Pool Cleaning Services

Coastal Pool and Spa Services offers residential pool service. We make sure that your pool is not only clean, but also safe for everyone’s use. There are countless fly-by-night cleaning services out there, so don’t be fooled by their false claims of service. Only Coastal Pool and Spa Services can make your pool clean and safe!

Pool Repair and Maintenance

Your pool will break apart. That is the sad truth about it. Day by day, its condition gets chipped away through wear-and-tear, making it less reliable than it was first installed. Well, everything gets old, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do something about it. With Coastal Pool and Spa Services, you can prevent the degeneration of your pool by having it maintained. We offer unparalleled maintenance services that you can schedule daily, weekly, and monthly. This ensures that you will always get to enjoy your pool, like when it was first made. Our technicians can do a wide-range of repair work for your pool, and enumerated below are the ways we use to make your that your pool is maintained:

  • Respectfully arrive each week on the preferred service days within the hour of your choice
  • Brush/clean tile around perimeter of pool/spa
  • Net out all debris
  • Vacuum debris
  • Brush walls and floor of pool/spa
  • Check and balance all chemical levels
  • Add appropriate chemicals to maintain a healthy bacteria free swimming environment
  • Empty pump and skimmer basket of debris and dispose accordingly
  • Check that all pool/spa equipment is working properly

Commercial Pool Services

Coastal Pool and Spa Services also offers its service to business establishments. We understand that you will need to keep your pools clean to attract more customers, that is why we will do our best to keep your pools clean and presentable. This also guarantees that your customers will enjoy a cleaner and safer pool than any other. We clean almost any type of business establishment, but to have an idea of who we can serve, here is a quick overview of the industries we have worked with:

  • apartments
  • healthcare facilities
  • recreation centers
  • public swimming pools
  • subdivisions
  • hotels
  • condominiums

Just call us at 949-606-3224, and you will get to see the change that you’ve been looking for in your pools. With Coastal Pool and Spa Services, you can be sure that you are getting the best our of your pool, without the headache of cleaning it!