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Joshua Vanden Brink, (owner of Coastal pool and spa) has been dedicated and driven to giving his customers elite pool services since 2004 when he started. After being trained for years by his father in law, who is a leader in the pool industry with over 25 years experience, Joshua started Coastal pool and spa and began his own journey, proving to his clients that there is still Honesty and Integrity in an industry filled with “fly by night companies”.
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We have serviced hundreds of commercial and residential swimming pools in the North, Central, and Southern Orange County area, including areas of LA County as well. We are a C-53 licensed contractor who carries all appropriate bonds, insurances and workman compensation required to perform a professional service for our customers. Coastal pool and spa is committed to excellence, and driven to be the leader in the swimming pool industry. Coastal pool and spa offers our customers an array of different services from pool/spa cleaning to pool renovation and remodeling. We invite you to contact us so we can explore the many different services we offer and turn you into a very satisfied client of Coastal Pool and Spa.
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